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Susan and Lilly

Hi, I’m Susan. On any given day, you will find me either in my studio, the garden or the kitchen. I’m happiest when I am busy creating beauty. I sew: clothing, costumes and quilt. I paint, mostly on silk, mostly flowers or other nature-inspired themes. I am out almost every day, walking the woods or countryside surrounding our village. I am addicted to taking pictures… from trying to capture magnificent sunsets to zooming in on a tiny green spider hidden in plain sight on an elderberry blossom.


I have been fascinated by acting since my late twenties but never felt I had the time to get involved with theater while I was constantly traveling for business. Shortly after retirement I discovered English language theater in Munich – it has been a source of joy and inspiration ever since. It was a natural next step to get involved with improvisation and standup comedy and these activities continue to offer richness and challenge in my life to this day.